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A trip to Bali opens the door to many remarkable experiences that could be best described as life-changing or unforgettable. Here at Adiwana Unagi Suites, we put together a series of activities that will suit your every mood. Think of it as a choose-your-own-adventure book, and every day you can pick a new Balinese experience. Ever wonder what that flower box by the side of the road? You can make it yourself with the help from our Balinese coach. Or maybe you fancy a Balinese dish and want to learn how to make it? We got the class for you. Another cultural activity you can learn is the Balinese dance. Not only will you learn how to do it, but also you can understand more about Balinese culture from the local’s perspective. Ubud is so rich and is surrounded by beautiful destinations. Talk to our concierge for more info on our experience package.



Canang sari is one of the things that is unique to Bali. It is the daily offerings made by the Balinese Hindu as a token of gratitude to the Gods. The process of making one is very interesting and fun. From the preparations to creating the base and choosing the offerings, this short class of Offering Making is available for all guest. Learn all about the philosophy behind it, what it represents and you’ll find yourself having a newfound appreciation towards this small cultural icon.



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